We all scream for ice cream, but most of us balk at making our own. We resort to frequent grocery store trips because expensive ice cream makers seem difficult to use.

Blackcurrant Ice Cream

No-churn ice cream recipes provide an excellent alternative for those who want to make their own frozen treats. These desserts use everyday kitchen gadgets and cut out eggs entirely. 

The no-churn ice cream recipes included in this article cover a range of flavors, from classics flavors like chocolate peanut butter to rich, unconventional treats like key lime pie.

Read on for 24 of the best no-churn ice cream recipes.

What’s Your Favorite Ice Cream?

You can make your favorite ice cream flavor at home without any fancy equipment with these no-churn ice cream recipes. Try out the classics, or consider some unusual ice cream flavors to experiment with!

Prep Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


  1. Choose your favorite recipes
  2. Gather the needed ingredients
  3. Prepare the ice cream
  4. Freeze & Enjoy

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