Bananas are a tropical present to humanity. They’re portable, cost-effective, nutrient dense, and scrumptious — genuinely a fruit truly worth going bananas for. But have you ever bought a bunch of bananas on Monday, only to locate them brown and mushy on Friday? Certain, you can make banana bread with overripe bananas — but extra typically than not, these leftovers finish up in the trash. For the reason that bananas ripen so speedily, it can be tricky to approach for their use. The down below banana color tutorial can help check out it out to get the most banana for your buck. 

Why do bananas ripen so rapidly? 

Fruit ripens at distinct speeds, but bananas can go from eco-friendly to brown specially quick. There’s science powering this: Bananas emit a hormone referred to as ethylene fuel, which speeds up ripening. In fact, they produce adequate ethylene that inserting bananas next to fruits like apples, avocados, and pears will make these ripen far more rapidly, way too. Based on your wants, you could want to be mindful of your banana’s countertop neighbors. 

How really should I retail outlet my bananas?

Sure, bananas’ shelf-lives are notoriously short. But the fantastic information is that you can maintain them new for for a longer time by storing them strategically. Here’s how.

Wrap the stems: Ethylene gas is made from the banana’s prime stems, so blocking them off could endorse slower ripening. Lifestyle weblog A Spectacled Owl suggests wrapping the major stem in foil or plastic wrap and taping it down to extend your fruits’ lifespan. 

Devote in a hanger: If bananas are a staple in your dwelling, Do-it-yourself or purchase a banana hanger (Purchase from Amazon, $16.99). Banana hangers are standing hooks that suspend your bananas, higher than the counter. Lifestyle blog Affordable Straightforward Dwelling says that banana hangers help continue to keep the fruit refreshing longer by marketing air circulation all-around them, which stops ethylene buildup. 

To fridge or not to fridge: You might don’t forget the famous Chiquita banana business that highlighted a classy cartoon ‘nanner crooning a warning: “Bananas like the local weather of the extremely tropical equator, so you must never ever put bananas in the refrigerator.” (See a online video of the authentic ’40s rendition underneath, but be prepared to have it trapped in your head for the rest of the day.) Ms. Chiquita could have had a issue: Some gurus assert that chilly temperatures can induce reduction of nutrition, aroma, and taste, because bananas the natural way increase in warmer climates. Even so, there are some conflicting viewpoints A Spectacled Owl states that you can refrigerate totally ripe bananas, and while their peels will darken, their flesh will remain refreshing. Even Dole confirms this concept. So truly, the selection to refrigerate is amongst you and your bananas. 

Banana Color Manual

Bananas’ life are shorter (but sweet!). If you have been waiting right until your bananas are a particular colour just before ingesting them, contemplate expanding your horizons. Diverse banana ripeness amounts have unique rewards, so you can essentially get pleasure from them at virtually just about every stage of daily life. 

Environmentally friendly-Leaning

Many people believe greener bananas aren’t all set to take in, but they truly have various dietary gains. Wellness web page 1MD Diet says that environmentally friendly bananas are decreased in sugar than completely yellow bananas, which would make them a excellent snack for any individual making an attempt to reduce body weight or continue to keep their blood sugar degrees small. Inside Hook adds that green bananas are firmer, starchier, and packed with far more fiber than their yellow counterparts, making them a filling and healthy solution. According to The Nutritious, greener bananas are also comprehensive of intestine-nutritious prebiotics.


Yellow bananas are softer and less complicated to digest than green kinds, building them a wonderful alternative for those people with delicate stomachs or digestion challenges, states 1MD Diet. They’re also richer in illness-combating anti-oxidants than inexperienced bananas. And due to the fact they’ve developed more sugars, they are sweeter than a environmentally friendly-leaning banana, but not as sweet as a freckled one, which may perhaps be a draw for these who never like super-sweet snacks. 

Yellow with Brown Freckles

When bananas get speckled with brown places, they are softer and sweeter. The previous company starch has yielded into more sugars, creating these bananas a appropriate substitute to processed sweets, states Inside Hook. They are also packed with even a lot more antioxidants than bananas at other ripeness phases, and consuming them consistently can boost much healthier skin and lower cholesterol. Continue to keep in mind, nonetheless, that while freckled bananas are simple on the tummy, they’re substantial on the glycemic index — so if you’re viewing your blood sugar, take in them in moderation.


A lot of people today believe brown bananas have handed their prime and edibility, but they still have some gains, states 1 MD Nourishment. Brown bananas incorporate strain-cutting down tryptophan and are great for bone and muscle mass overall health (while their sugar content is quite substantial). Freeze them to sweeten your smoothies or make a yummy banana bread. 

No make any difference when you eat them, one thing is clear: Bananas are loaded to the brim with wellbeing positive aspects. Peel and take pleasure in! 


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