Breast-feeding advocates speak on formula crisis


Seemingly lost in the ‘baby formula shortage’ crisis, is the whole axiom of “breast is best.”

Like a scenario from a B movie, mothers are scouring store shelves across the nation looking for the milk powder to feed their children. Social media is abuzz with tips on how to score cans of formula from all over the country.

With the nation sitting in a recession; gas prices shutting down needed vehicles; the U.S sending billions upon billions to Ukraine in the NATO-linked war with Russia; and a random 18-year-old terrorist white boy murdering 10 shoppers and a security guard at a Buffalo supermarket; moms nationwide are in despair as an alleged bacteria outbreak at a formula-producing factory, and a pandemic-era glitching the supply chain, has led to a baby formula shortgage. This has led some to find empty shelves, and others being rationed to as few as two cans.

News clips galore show mothers pleading for resolution. A barely whispered conversation yet being held, is that of mother’s milk is best.

Why one company is the major connect and provider of formula for those who use it, is another issue altogether. Abbot Labs is now telling the government that after it passes inspection, it will take about two weeks to get up and running again, and four weeks after that for their product to pass on to distributors and hit the shelves.

“They don’t advocate breast feeding children anymore. They even give you formula in the hospital.They could give women breast pumps too,” said Santina Payton-Brown, Committee to Honor Black Heroes member. The Brooklyn community activist is a mother of four, and a grandmother of four, and 17 by marriage, “My mother had 20 children and she breast fed us all, that’s why we didn’t have any medical complications,” said the seventh girl, and 12th child. “Sometimes they tell women if they breastfeed they can’t get WIC assistance [Women Infants Children, food for mothers with babies]. If you don’t know, they can tell them anything.


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