Delicious homemade ice cream made with 3 ingredients and a blender


Creamy, smooth and perfumed with pure vanilla, this no churn ice cream will change your life in a way that only ice cream can. This recipe will surely elicit memories of your beloved childhood scoop, each silky spoonful blanketing your palate and delivering nuances of sweet cream. Best of all, made with just three ingredients, this heavenly dessert is quick, easy, and requires no ice cream maker.  

How, you may ask. Well, let’s start with a quick explanation of the two types of ice cream – Philadelphia and French:

  • Philadelphia style ice cream (also known as American or New York style) is made by churning (agitating or mixing) milk, cream and sugar. Flavors and mix-ins vary, but that’s how you make the standard base.
  • French ice cream starts with an egg-based custard, which yields a creamier texture and yellow-tinted cream. Philadelphia ice cream is generally quicker and easier to create because there’s no custard to prepare.


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