Doctor says Britons should eat their food in specific order to ‘prevent fat storage’


Many people attempt to lose weight with unsustainable fad diets that leave them feeling unsatisfied and hungry.

But it’s possible to shed excess weight by making healthy choices and enjoying a balanced diet, feeling full in the process.

Active IQ’s chief medical officer Dr Dane Vishnubalaspoke exclusively to GB News about the best diet for weight loss. According to the expert, the order in which you eat your food is important for those who want to slim down.

The doctor claimed that Britons should try and eat their veggies first, then their meat or protein, then their complex carbs.

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Those looking to lose weight should examine both their diet and the order they eat their food


Dr Vishnubala gave his top tips for losing weight. He said: “Unfortunately, no one food is the key to weight loss – reducing your total energy intake and creating a calorie deficit is more important.”

According to the expert, the order in which you eat your meals is important. He advised: “Consider eating vegetables first, any meat or protein second, and complex carbohydrates last which will support the reduction in a spike in glucose.” He explained that insulin spikes can lead to fat storage.

The doctor told slimmers which foods they should be stocking up on. He said: “High-fibre foods play a key role in making you feel fuller for longer, helping you to avoid feeling hungry again and reducing the need for snacking.

“Choosing foods that are unrefined and unprocessed will support these efforts as these are likely to have higher fibre.

“Stabilising blood sugars is another crucial aspect to reduce cravings and prevent insulin spikes that can lead to fat storage.

“Ideally, choosing food options that are low in sugar and eating low to moderate amounts of complex unrefined, unprocessed carbohydrates will support in reducing the glucose/sugar spike.”

The expert continued: “Adding fats and proteins to any meal will reduce the overall speed of a sugar spike at the end of the meal.”

As for which foods Britons should be prioritising, the doctor recommended they “focus on a high vegetable diet, especially green vegetables”.


‘Focus on a high vegetable diet, especially green vegetables’


Slimmers should also incorporate eggs, oily fish and nuts into their meals, in addition to staying hydrated.

The doctor said: “Don’t forget to consider pre and probiotic foods, given their nutrient density, low sugar content, and unprocessed nature.”

While a nutritious diet is essential when it comes to healthy weight loss, keeping active is crucial too. He added: “The importance of physical activity can not be understated when talking about weight loss and maintenance.”

Another way Britons can shed fat is to be mindful about what they are snacking on. According to some weight loss experts, eating between meals should ideally be avoided. However, if you’re feeling really peckish, three snacks might be more weight-loss-friendly than others.


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