Here are the weird, clever products people want the most right now, based on Amazon data


The data doesn’t lie — these things are awesome.

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There are plenty of quirky products on Amazon to search through if you feel like scrolling for hours and wondering if those things are actually worth your time and money. Or, you could turn to these weird, clever products that people actually want according to Amazon data.

There’s a reason that these trending items are so popular with shoppers. Some make tedious tasks easier. Others save you money in the long run. Some make your home more functional. And some things are just plain cool.


A clip-on strainer that’s half the size of your usual one

This flexible silicone pot strainer proves that you only need half of the size of your usual strainer to drain water from pasta or a bowl of freshly-washed produce. The compact design has sturdy clips to snap onto a pot, pan, or bowl. Simply tilt the vessel like you’re pouring out water, and the strainer will catch all of the pasta while the built-in spout takes care of your pasta water — just one hand required.


This rechargeable hand warmer that looks so sleek & modern

Swap out your drawer full of single-use hand warmers for this sleek and USB-C rechargeable hand warmer. It has three heat settings, a built-in power bank for your phone, and a drawstring pouch to store it on your entryway table — all convenient features. Plus, the colorful design looks so sleek and modern.


A glass callus remover with a gentle and aesthetic design

This unique callus remover looks way more aesthetically pleasing in your skincare bag than a classic pumice stone. Not only does the glass design have a trendy pink finish, but its non-abrasive surface is gentle on your skin while you exfoliate. You also get a cover to carry this easy-to-clean callus remover in your travel bag.


A fruit-infusing water bottle that won’t break at the gym

You’ll definitely reach for this leak-proof water bottle over your other ones because you can stick mint leaves, your favorite citrus, and other fruits and herbs into the built-in infuser. It’s high-quality plastic is completely shatter-proof if you take it to the gym, and it even has a grippy and non-slip detail on the side.


This mesh bag to secure your belongings between front car seats

Clip this machine-washable mesh organizer between your car seats, and your phone, bag, or water bottle will stop sliding around or ending up on the floor of your car. This adjustable bag gives you an oversized pocket to even hold a large grocery shopping tote and keep it within reach. It also has a hammock design that won’t cover up your middle console.


A milk frother with a simple design for easy, bougie morning coffee

Pulling out this stainless steel milk frother every morning isn’t a huge hassle because it has a handheld single button design, so it’s not complicated to use when you’re sleepily making your coffee’s foam. Plus, the included countertop stand means it’s easy to grab in the mornings and will always look so sleek next to your coffee pot.


This body wash to help out painful nails & irritated skin

This body wash will totally transform your shower routine, thanks to its unique ingredients like tea tree oil and peppermint oil. These oils are paired with aloe vera, vitamin C, vitamin E, and more for an odor-eliminating formula that also helps with irritated skin, painful nail problems, dry skin, athlete’s foot, and more.


These easy-to-use cleaning sticks that prevent clogs & odors in tub & sink drains

With these clog-preventing sticks, you can completely avoid trying a bunch of different hacks for fixing a stopped-up drain. Not only will they clean out your sink and tub drains, but they also help out with any unsavory odors. Instead, they just leave behind a light, cleansing scent.


A self-cleaning pet brush to avoid cleaning up fur

If cleaning your pet’s fur off of their brush grosses you out, grab this self-cleaning pet brush. When you’re all done brushing, you can retract all of the bristles and wipe all of the fur off in one easy (and way less gross) swipe. These retractable bristles are also a go-to if your furry friend has sensitive skin.


These absorbent sink add-ons to catch splashes & spills

These quirky sink splash guards save you from wiping down the countertop around your faucet a bunch of times every day. The microfiber fabric is absorbent enough to take care of splashes and spills when you’re washing dishes or washing your hands. It’s also easy to pull them off of the faucet and wash them in your washing machine.


These outlet covers that will make your walls look tidier

These outlet covers make your kitchen backsplash, TV console, bedroom wall, and more look tidier and so much more aesthetic — but you can still use your outlets. These lightweight covers pop right over those clunky outlets, and they have a power strip with three plugs attached that easily hides behind your appliances.


A versatile spray bottle that looks sleek & works in all directions

This spray bottle looks so sleek on your bathroom counter with your hair tools or next to your houseplants that need a bit of extra humidity. It creates a continuous fine mist, so you won’t miss any spots when you’re doing your hair. This spray bottle also works from all angles — even upside down.


This concentrated shoe cleaning kit that works on all shoe types

This shoe cleaning kit comes with cleaning solution and a compact shoe-scrubbing brush to keep your leather, vinyl, suede, canvas, cloth, and nuback kicks looking brand new — even your trendy white pairs. The cleaner works on all of your washable shoes, and it’s actually a concentrated formula, so you won’t run out of the small bottle quickly.


This meat thermometer that turns off when you tuck it in a drawer

This LED meat thermometer might look a little different than the classic one in your kitchen drawer because it has the most helpful temperature chart on the top. Not only does it remind you of safe cooking temperatures and display them on the large LED display, but this digital thermometer also automatically turns off when you close it up and tuck it in your drawer.


These 100% natural wool dryer balls that lessen drying time

These reusable wool dryer balls work to reduce wrinkles and static in your laundry, and they work to lift and separate your load so it needs less time in the dryer. They’re actually just as easy to store in your laundry room as your usual dryer sheets because they come with a drawstring bag. Plus, you can create your own laundry scent by adding essential oils right onto the 100% wool fabric.


A portable white noise machine with an easy-to-use, minimalist design

With simple buttons on top, this white noise machine makes it so easy to reach over and change up the calming sound you’re falling asleep to. There are also zero bright screens on this minimalist sound machine, so your sleep won’t be disrupted at all. It’s even battery-operated so you can pack it in your suitcase for a soothing setup when you travel.


These soothing shower steamers that won’t mess up your clean shower

These shower steamers with essential oils are so colorful and luxurious, so they’re worth displaying on your bathroom countertop. Each of these fizzy steamers has a unique invigorating yet soothing scent, like peony with pear or cocoa and orange. They also won’t leave a mess in your shower because they’re completely stain-free.


A dishwasher-safe avocado slicer that even takes care of the pit

This avocado slicer might stand out in your kitchen utensil drawer, but it’s definitely worth grabbing because it creates the perfect slices for all of your dishes. It helps out with every step — even with removing that annoying pit. The actual slicer is made of dishwasher-safe plastic, so you can safely store it with other utensils.


This tidy car vacuum cleaning kit with washable filters

You won’t mind this car vacuum cleaner hanging out in the trunk, because it comes with a compact bag to keep everything tidy. There’s plenty of room for the three precise nozzles and the seriously helpful filter-cleaning brush, which can reach into every crack and crevice in your vehicle. The filter is also washable, and you even get a second one to tuck in this organized bag.


This rechargeable, bendy lighter that ignites your candles

Not only is this lighter USB rechargeable, but it also isn’t as bulky in your drawer as the one you usually reach for when you put out a candle. Even if your candle has a uniquely-shaped jar or your favorite candle is almost empty, you can bend this lighter to quickly light it.


These hydrating 24-karat gold eye masks that make you look well-rested

These 24-karat gold-infused eye masks are definitely shinier than the ones you usually reach for in your routine, but they still soothe your skin. Their shiny finish is also paired with a de-puffing and brightening formula with glycerin, botanical extracts, and castor oil. They also come in their own little pouches, so you can easily pack these aesthetic masks.


These heavy-duty heat-resistant oven gloves with grippy accents

Swap out your oven mitts with these heat-resistant oven gloves that make it so much easier to things out of the oven. The machine-washable glove design makes it easier to hold onto sheet pans or your heavy Dutch oven, and they can resist heat up to 932 degrees. These cut-resistant gloves are also covered in grippy accents, so you can confidently use them with slippery ceramic baking dishes.


This flexible armrest table that’s made of stylish & durable bamboo

This flexible and anti-slip table sits right on top of the arm of your sofa, no matter what shape or size it is. Even if your sofa arm is extra-soft and cushioned, the durable, easy-to-clean bamboo design gives you a sturdy spot for your water bottle or coffee mug.


These water-resistant & sturdy packing cubes to tuck in your suitcase

The sturdy design of these packing cubes makes it easy to fit and arrange them all in your suitcase. No matter how you arrange them in your bag, each one has breathable mesh on top to let you see which pieces are inside. This water-resistant set also comes with a laundry bag to tuck in with these organizers.


A breakfast sandwich maker that cooks all of the layers at once

This breakfast sandwich maker will cook your egg, warm all of the toppings, and assemble your breakfast sandwich all at once. Simply lift up each of the non-stick levels to build your layers of eggs, bacon, or whatever ingredients you’re craving. All of the removable cooking levels can even go in the dishwasher when your sandwich is ready.


These chic, soft satin pillowcases that come in every color imaginable

These satin pillowcases are made of a machine-washable fabric that’s stain-resistant, and the smooth, soft fabric is gentler on your skin and hair than standard pillowcases. This breathable, matching set is available in over 30 colors and styles, and each has a secure envelope closure, so there are zero zippers to ruin their chic design.


A portable, scratch-resistant power bank that charges your phone fast

This portable power bank isn’t a pain to carry around, because the lightweight, compact design fits in pretty much every bag — even those on-trend tiny bags. It’s completely scratch-resistant, so you can toss your keys right next to it with zero worries. Plus, it has overcharge protection in case you forget about your charging AirPods in your bag.


A dimmable bathroom night light that won’t take up an outlet

This LED bathroom night light goes inside of the toilet instead of in the outlet above your counter like usual, but it actually makes sense. The adjustable clip-on design isn’t as blinding as that wall nightlight you’re used to, and it even has a motion sensor. This unique light also has 16 colors with five brightness levels to really control how bright the bathroom is.


This pancake batter dispenser that won’t leak between each pancake

Swap out your measuring cup with this pancake batter dispenser because it’s way less messy than trying to pour batter. You won’t end up with a bunch of batter on the counter because it won’t leak between each pancake, and it even has measurements on the side for evenly-sized pancakes.


A car cleaning gel that can pick up dust in even the most awkward spots

This car cleaning gel is sticky enough to pick up all of the dust and crumbs in your car vents and around dashboard buttons, but it won’t leave any sticky pieces behind. It also comes with a storage jar, so it won’t stick to anything when you’re not using it. You can also put it right back in the jar after cleaning up your car without even washing it.


A splatter screen that’s helpful no matter what you’re cooking

It’s worth finding a spot next to your pots and pans for this splatter screen because it stops oil from popping and coating your stove in grease. This dishwasher-safe screen sits right on top of your pan, and it even has little feet to rest it on your counter when you check your food. You can even hold it over a pot to strain your pasta.


These reusable makeup removers with a laundry bag to keep them tidy

These reusable makeup remover pads save you from emptying a bathroom trash can full of cotton rounds way too often. They come in a small storage box, so you never lose these soft bamboo and organic cotton pads in your drawer. You can also stick the included laundry bag next to them, so you have a spot to toss them after taking off your makeup.


These durable furniture protectors with an adhesive design

These clear protectors go right on top of your sofa or chair, so you won’t have to worry about your cat scratching up the upholstery. The transparent design means you can still see the trendy sofa color you chose. All you have to do is stick them to your furniture with the built-in adhesive, and you can even add the included twist pins for extra durability.


A beanie with LED lights you can remove during the day

This beanie has a mini LED light in the front for nighttime runs or evening dog walks, but it’s also completely removable if you want to wear it during the day. You can also pop it out when you need to charge the USB rechargeable light. This cozy yet breathable beanie even has dimmer settings to control how bright it is on nightly walks.


These extra-slim bamboo tongs for flipping chopped veggies

Even if you have classic tongs in your utensil jar, it’s worth grabbing these extra-slim tongs because they’re perfect for grabbing toast out of the hot toaster or serving cheese on charcuterie boards. This solid bamboo set is also helpful for cooking because you can flip small ingredients like chopped veggies or easily grab single cherry tomatoes or grapes for salads.


A Bluetooth tracker that’s versatile enough to stick anywhere

It doesn’t really matter what you stick this Bluetooth Tile tracker on, because the miniature design fits on key rings, can be tucked into wallets, and looped onto zippers. When it’s within 250 feet, it rings so you can find your misplaced item, and if it’s farther than that, the Bluetooth capabilities will show you it’s last-pinged location. The Tile also acts in reverse — press it, and it’ll force your phone to ring, even if it’s on silent.


A durable drain protector you won’t even notice in the tub

This tub drain protector isn’t a pain (or super gross) to remove when it’s time to clean it off because it simply sits in the drain. It catches hair, and it’s made of durable, easy-to-clean silicone, so you can keep it in the drain for every shower without it snapping.


A cold brew maker with measurements on the side for easy brewing

This durable glass cold brew maker looks way more aesthetic in your fridge than a bottle of cold brew from the grocery store. It has a built-in stainless steel filter to hold onto the coffee grounds while this coffee maker brews your cold brew overnight. It also has measurements on the side to quickly measure your water and a cap to keep everything fresh.


These dryer cleaning brushes you can use all over the house

This dryer cleaner takes care of the vent that’s so easy to overlook on cleaning day. The long brushes in this set are flexible enough to sweep out all of the built-up lint. In addition to keeping your dryer safe and efficient, this durable stainless steel kit will also help you clean under furniture or vent covers around your home.


A berry complex overnight lip mask with a spill-free design

This lip mask has a concentrated overnight formula, so it works to add hydration and smoothness back to your lips while you snooze. It comes with a mini applicator to avoid spilling any of the seriously moisturizing berry mix complex. There’s also vitamin C, murumuru butter, and coconut oil in this aesthetic pink tub.


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