How to make fake blood and make it look convincing


Halloween is coming up fast, and with it, most of us will have already picked out our costumes. But, whether you’re going as a classic vampire, a decomposing zombie, or a wicked witch, one thing which makes all of these look better is some fake blood. Splatter it on, or go the whole hog and drench yourself — in either case, it definitely adds to the look. Before you run out to buy countless bottles and tubes of this stuff, did you know you can make it yourself? Plus, you probably have everything you need at home!

However you want to use the blood, and whatever consistency and vibrancy of color you want, we’ll guide you through the best methods to make fake blood at home. So whether you just want to spritz your costume, or create some convincing guts, we’ve got the solution. Here’s how to make fake blood — and make it look convincing. 


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