Le Creuset’s Newest Color Launch Is Inspired by Ganache


There’s a captivating quality to ganache. It shines and glimmers in the light, but reflects the deep, dark ethereal nature of only the best chocolate. When you taste it, it only intensifies the enchanting sentiment even more. Reminiscent of sweet and creamy velvet, the buttery aroma and taste of chocolate explodes with each bite. 

Somehow, Le Creuset took this incomparable treat and made only the chocolatiest cookware you’ve ever seen. Its newest color launch for Fall and Winter 2022 takes after ganache, with a  rich brown-ombré design that’s reminiscent of your favorite truffles, cakes, and pies. 

As we enter the season of holiday baking and hosting, along with moodier tablescapes and comforting, cozy interiors — this cookware collection is the perfect pairing to both inspire your kitchen projects and add a level of earthiness to your decor. 

You can snap up a ton of the brand’s durable, high-performing mainstays in its new color, like the famous Dutch oven, braiser, and skillet. These items launched  today, with seven pieces on Le Creuset’s website, in Le Creuset Stores, and at Williams Sonoma. The brand also launched four Williams Sonoma-exclusive pieces: the signature deep saute pan, signature soup pot, signature french oven, and the rectangular skinny grill. 

For the richest, chocolatiest cookware to adorn your kitchen or holiday table, keep scrolling through below to see some of our favorite picks from the launch.

Signature Round Dutch Oven 

Le Creuset

You can snap up Le Creuset’s Dutch oven at 5.5-quarts or 7.25-quarts in this new color. This is the brand’s bestseller for a reason: it’s durable, holds heat perfectly, is nonstick, and is versatile. Both sizes are made with enameled cast iron, require no pre-seasoning, and come with a tight-fitting lid with a chic silver knob. Thanks to handles on the base, you can take it from stovetop to oven in a breeze. Get ready for cozy soups and stews, baking up fluffy homemade breads, or even frying up doughnuts (to fill with ganache, of course). 

Signature Braiser 

Le Creuset

For a smaller, shallow piece, the signature 3.5-quart braiser is the perfect choice. Its round shape and tall sides make it ideal for dishes where you need items to fry up and bake in a single layer like meats or even vegetables, or for dishes where a saucepan isn’t deep enough, like pasta, stew, chili, and curry. This piece has the same hallmarks as the Dutch oven since it’s made with enameled cast iron, plus it’s also got a lid to match in the new ganache color. 

Signature Skillet 

Le Creuset

A cast iron skillet is a total must-have, especially for the holidays. From seared proteins to sky-high biscuits to a gooey ganache-drizzled skillet cookie, there are a ton of ways to use one of these pans. This 10.25-inch skillet is the perfect size for versatility. Made with enameled cast iron, it features a black satin pre-seasoned interior that can go in any oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as work with any stovetop you’ve got. 

Pumpkin Cocotte 

Le Creuset

There is no Dutch oven more festive than this pumpkin-shaped one, and I’d dare to argue a holiday table isn’t complete without it. It holds heat as optimally as Le Creuset’s signature version, but includes the added charm of a ribbed rounded design and hand-sculpted pumpkin stem knob. It totally speaks for itself, if you ask me. 

Oval Dutch Oven 

Le Creuset

The oval Dutch oven is another showstopping piece of cookware with long lasting durability and versatility from its enameled cast iron material. This ganache-laden version is 6.75-quarts, which means it’s big enough to serve a crowd, and the oval shape can be ideal for longer ingredients or larger cuts of meat, since it gives you a bit more length in one direction. 

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