Leesburg Health Inspections: Live Roaches, Unapproved Food Coloring


LEESBURG, VA — Several restaurants around Leesburg and western Loudoun County recorded violations during recent inspections from the health department. Inspectors conducted the most recent restaurant visits between Nov. 30 and Dec. 6.

Most COVID-19 restrictions around the state have relaxed, so health inspectors are returning to conduct some restaurant inspections in person. However, some visits, such as those for training purposes, can be conducted virtually.

Violations at restaurants typically focus on factors that can contribute to food contamination. The local health department can also perform a re-inspection to ensure that possible violations have been corrected.

For every observed violation, the inspector provides a specific corrective action that can be completed to rectify the violation. Sometimes these are simple, and violations can be corrected during the course of the inspection.

Here are the most recent restaurant inspections in the Leesburg area, according to the Loudoun County Health Department.

  • Georgetown Cafe / Kings Court, 19 S King St Leesburg, VA 20175
    • Date inspected: Dec. 1
    • Total violations: 2
      • This violation has not been corrected at follow-up inspection. Dish machine is unable to sanitize. This is the second follow-up inspection from routine inspection conducted on 11/9/2022.
      • Observed bar hand washing sink to have a steady leak from faucet base.
  • Ms. Pattis Caribbean Cafe, 1602 Village Market Blvd 120 Leesburg VA
    • Date inspected: Dec. 1
    • Total violations: 1
      • There was no veritable means that employees have been trained on the signs, symptoms, and exposures of foodborne illnesses and who to report to.
  • Conche(The), 1605 Village Market Blvd SE J-108 Leesburg, VA 20175
    • Date inspected: Dec. 2
    • Total violations: 4
      • Observed peppercorn sauce 109F (reheated 190F), beurre blanc 108F (reheated 193F), spinach/cheese 109F (reheated 170F) foods held hot should be maintained at 135F or above.
      • Observed feta 46F table top cooler, marinara 45F prep cooler 3 foods held cold should be 41F or below.
      • Observed house made shello jam kept more than 7 days.
      • Observed on the menu item salmon that is served undercooked/raw that did not have a asterisk.
  • Dolce & Ciabatta Patesserie, 500 Fort Evans Rd, Ste 1A Leesburg, VA 20176
    • Date inspected: Dec. 2
    • Total violations: 4
      • Management could not provide information in a verifiable means indicating that all food staff have been trained in the employee health policy.
      • Unapproved color additives were observed stored with food coloring agents. When management was asked if they use any additives for decorations only, they replied color additives were used for food.
      • Several spray bottles were observed with clean and blue liquid in them with no labeling as to what was in the spray bottles.
      • Management could not find and sanitizer test strips to monitor the chemical sanitizer used at the 3-vat sink.
  • Primrose School of Leesburg @ Potomac Station, 101 Pipestone Plaza NE Leesburg, VA 20176
    • Date inspected: Dec. 5
    • Total violations: 2
      • Observed: There is no irreversible thermometer for checking the surface temperature (minimum 160F) of wares.
      • Observed: There are no test strips to check ppm of quaternary ammonia sanitizer.
  • T’Kila Mexican Kitchen & Bar, 19345 Promenade Dr Leesburg, VA 20176
    • Date inspected: Dec. 5
    • Total violations: 5
      • Cooked shrimp was observed stored uncovered while stored in reach-in freeze. House made salsa was observed stored in a large kittle on bottom shelf of walk-in cooler without any cover.
      • Tongs were observed on the handle of stove with old food residue on them. Pans that were observed stored in the clean pan storage shelf was observed of stains of old food residue.
      • Live roaches were observed around the dish machine in the ware washing area.
      • Many used plastic single service sour cream containers observed being re-used to store other foods.
      • Old food debris was observed on the floor under cooking line, wall behind cooking line, and under shelving.
  • Bhai Sahab, 19405 Promenade Dr Bld L Ste 106 Leesburg, VA 20176
    • Date inspected: Dec. 5
    • Total violations: 7
      • Observed food employee remove naan bread with tongs place on prep cooler cutting board cut with a knife and with bare hands place in bowl to be served.
      • The hand wash sink by dishwasher was blocked with utensils in plastic strainer.
      • The bar hand washing sink has no paper towels.
      • Observed a variety of foods uncovered in walk in cooler.
      • Observed in the walk in cooler large metal containers of mixed vegetables in sauce 63F and kade 65F made the day before that had not been cooled properly within two hours, from 135F to 70F and within a total of six hours from 135F to 41F or less.
      • Observed butter chicken sauce 115F (reheated 173) on stove top foods held hot should be maintained at 135F or above.
      • Observed red chicken 46F walk in cooler (discarded), ghee (unsalted butter mix) 63F on shelf (discarded), cooked potatoes 45F & cabbage mix 45F on ice bath (moved to reach in cooler. Foods held cold should be maintained 41F or below.
  • Ledo Pizza, 1037 Edwards Ferry Rd NE Leesburg, VA 20176
    • Date inspected: Dec. 5
    • Total violations: 3
      • Observed: Hand sink in dishwashing area is not in use and is being used to store miscellaneous items.
      • Observed: personal cell phone on prep table cutting board. Corrected at inspection.
      • Observed: There are no test strips to check the ppm of chlorine in the dish machine.

The following facilities did not record any violations:


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