MUD\WTR, Athletic Greens are popular online. Are they worth it, safe?

Dissolve green juice in water
  • Powdered wellness drinks are all over social media, from nutrition supplement Athletic Greens to coffee alternative MUD\WTR.
  • While some of these products have beneficial ingredients, experts say to be cautious of their claims.
  • Below are some tips for more affordable ways to get your daily nutrients. as well as jitter-free coffee alternatives.

If you’re on social media, you’ve likely seen powdered wellness drinks showing up on your feed, from advertisements about energizing “mud” drinks to “greens powders” that claim to enhance your health with every sip. But do they?

While some of these products contain beneficial ingredients, experts say you shouldn’t be so quick to grab them.

“While powered wellness drinks are very popular, seem convenient and may be portrayed as being ‘healthier’ than alternatives, a lot of the time these drinks are purely marketing ploys,” says Jenna Litt, a registered dietitian at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. 

There are a few different powdered wellness drinks that have flooded the internet in recent months, including coffee alternative MUD\WTR, which despite its brown color isn’t made from mud. Instead it contains mushroom-based adaptogens, cacao powder and spices and claims to benefit drinkers’ “health and performance.” There’s also influencer-promoted “greens powders” like nutrition supplement Athletic Greens, which claims to squeeze nutrients into a tasty tonic with a simple stir of their powder in water.

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“Drinks like Athletic Greens are designed to show the consumer that they can meet their micronutrient needs in a small volume drink, however, typically that is not the case,” Litt explains. “While these drinks may provide additional micronutrients, they are not providing anyone with all of their daily micronutrient needs.”


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