NPD, clean label and sustainability focus


As consumers increasingly shift toward plant-based diets and new regulations come into force that limit the use of colours deemed too dangerous by food safety bodies, food manufacturers need to be aware of the colours they use and how they will affect the marketing of their products.  

Health-conscious consumers are now pushing for manufacturers to use clean-label ingredients and according to Nathalie Pauleau – global product manager for Natural Colours at Givaudan – the quest for natural, clean label alternatives to more synthetically-produced colours remained high on the agenda of most manufacturers. This was made more prevalent at a time when the cost and availability of raw materials remained challenging.  

“When it comes to the clean label trend, there’s really no going back,”​ she explains. “While the cost and availability of raw materials are indeed a challenge, our job at Givaudan is to continue to provide manufacturers with high-performance natural colour solutions that match consumer expectations for visually exciting, clean and clear label food experiences.” 

The push for clean-label alternatives is clearly being led by a growing demand from consumers.  

Simpler, cleaner ingredients 

Kalsec colours technical specialist Caty Meleuc says: “Natural colours derived from fruits, vegetables and other natural sources are increasingly sought-after by consumers. Consumers are looking for simpler, cleaner ingredient statements.  

“They want to know and understand the ingredients in the food and beverages they consume. Naturally sourced colours help alleviate consumer concerns regarding synthetic food colours.” 


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