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If you’ve been reading my column for a while, you’ll know I look to nature to help guide my food choices. Seasons. Soil. Science. Solar eclipses. Yep, astrology, too. This Saturday, we’ll experience both a new moon and a solar eclipse. What does that mean for us nutritionally?

First, some astrological background: when the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, a solar eclipse shakes things up and invites grounding and alignment; otherwise, some people might feel shaken to the core. In the upcoming “Black Moon” eclipse, the planets are lining up to produce pretty juicy and positive energy for those who are prepared to receive it.

New moons typically draw us inward, which seems to oppose the energy of this eclipse—passion, creativity, art, pleasure—which stimulates energy centers in our bodies. So, how do we find balance through food?

Great question! When we nourish our body according to the chakras—the body’s energy axis, like our inner astrological chart—we become more aligned and equipped to handle what may come. With the earth sign in Taurus and the water sign in Scorpio, think grounding and hydration.

The grounding root chakra, symbolizing earth, stability, survival, stillness— located at the base of our spine—is all about building a foundation to withstand challenges. To balance earthy Taurus in full force, we need energies associated with red food and sustenance. To stimulate oxygen flow, consume iron-rich foods like red meat (pasture-raised or wild, please, because remember, we’re honoring the earth). Vegetarians, go for kidney beans, which offer plenty of iron.

Balance dense meat and beans with ripe foods of spring that grow close to the earth, like strawberries and radishes. These plants, also high in vitamin C, support the adrenal glands, root chakra organs that help balance fight or flight. Note: procure toxin free, please, as glyphosate, in particular, is water soluble, binds tightly to soil elements, and can be highly prevalent in foods grown in and near the soil. Hence, glyphosate disturbs the function of adrenals and kidneys.

As for hydration, water is the element of the sacral chakra, which is the next up from the root chakra, located in our lower abdomen. It represents the energy of abundance, creativity, pleasure, sex, emotions, and wellbeing, which powerfully matches the energies emitted by this solar eclipse. It’s also associated with the kidneys and bladder, which maintain water balance in the body. Water is prevalent right now with Scorpio in the mix. Ensure you’re well hydrated and limit intake of diuretics (things that make you eliminate water), particularly alcohol and, to a lesser degree, coffee and green or black tea.

Water balance also requires electrolytes. Minerals we may obtain from earth-derived root vegetables. Specific to the sacral chakra, eat sweet potatoes and carrots. Both are orange, the color associated with the sacral energies, and provide natural sweetness, some electrolyte minerals and carotenoids to help offset toxic load.

Again, balance these veggies with fruits high in water content, like mango, papaya and oranges, which are coming into season in their parts of the world (I realize there’s a carbon footprint to consider). We’re somewhat far from apricot and peach season, but if you can find dried, frozen and preserved orange fruits, eat those!

Enjoy finding your stability and flow as we enter this eclipse season!

Jamie Truppi, MSN, is an integrative nutritionist focusing on functional foods and family wellness.


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