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Like previous games before it, Fire Emblem Engage features the ability for Characters to develop support bonds by fighting and socializing together both on and off the battlefield. This system is essentially Fire Emblem Engage’s answer to romance. Certain characters who develop enough support can engage in special Support Conversations to build their bond from a rating of C all the way to A, earning new bonuses when fighting alongside each other. Not every character can gain Support Bonds with everyone else, with the exception of Alear, who even has the ability to take their support bonds to the next level.


How to Increase Support Ratings

Over the course of your adventure in Fire Emblem Engage, you will have the chance to increase the support ratings of many of your units using a variety of methods. These are the five main methods, described in more detail below.

Taking an action in battle will increase support bonds with adjacent characters.
Certain skills grant extra bond ratings to adjacent characters in battle, too
Eat a meal with characters at Somniel
Battle in The Arena at Somniel
Give a character a gift at Somniel

The most common way to increase your support rank is by fighting, healing, or using other actions when adjacent in any battle. Hearts will appear between the two units after the end of their actions to indicate they are capable of earning support bonds with each other.

In addition, certain Emblem Ring skills (Corrin’s Quality Time, and Byleth’s Lost and Found) will grant extra bond ratings when used next to someone that character can increase their bond with.

You can also increase support ratings in the Somniel, with two different methods: One is to ask whichever character is on cooking duty to craft a meal for Alear and two other characters. Depending on the difficulty of the meal, and if the characters like the food being made, their support bonds will increase both with the cook, and with their dining partner.

The second method is by using the Arena to spar with units – though this method does not let you choose the main character’s opponent in battle. They will only gain support points if they face an opponent that they can have support with.

Finally, giving gifts to characters will increase their support bond with you.

Support Bonuses in Battle

Once a support conversation is available, you can view it when at The Somniel by going to your Reference option in the menu. After viewing the support scene, the two characters will increase their Support Rank from C, to B, to A – and will gain new bonuses when standing adjacent to each other during combat:

Currently, it appears that a character will give a bonus of +Hit, +Avo, +Crit, or +Ddg to someone they have a bond rank with when standing adjacent to them in battle. However, the amount given seems dependent on the character as well as the support rank, and is not same amount received. For example, Celine gives +15 Hit to Alear when standing next to them, while Alear only gives +10 Hit in return.

Support Bonds Chart and Overview

Below is a list of every character known in the game that can gain relationship support levels with someone else, and the highest level of support that can be obtain is listed where the names connect.


Spolier Warning – the chart below contains a list of every recruitable character, which can include potential spoilers of who will join your team – please read on with care!

Unlike some Fire Emblem Games, not every character can have a Support Bond with everyone else. You can view a list of each unit a character can Support with in the Reference Menu which can be done at any time in the options menu.

In the table below, cells are color-coded by nation, and orange cells indicate Alear who can support with everyone.

How to Gain S-Rank Pact Ring Relationships (Romance)

Unlike some Fire Emblem games, only Alear can achieve an S-Rank Support Bond with other characters, and can do so with anyone on your team regardless of age or gender. Because of this, not every S-Rank support is explicitly romantic, and some will instead imply a deep bond of friendship.

S-Rank relationships are not unlocked until the very end of the game, after reaching Chapter 23. You will unlock a final Paralogue – The Connector, and completing the mission will earn you a special Pact Ring.

The Pact Ring will be placed in Alear’s bedside table, and can be retrieved to give to any character you meet with on The Somniel. You can only give the ring to a character that Alear already has an A-Rank Support Bond with, and giving the ring away will unlock a special “Ring-Rank” support conversation and scene.

Having an S-Rank Support will have several exclusive perks.

  • You will be able to view a memento of theirs in your room
  • Their entry in the Ally Notebook will updated with a picture from the Support Scene
  • Alear and the character will appear together in the Epilogue with a unique entry
  • Alear and the character will gain a special skill when using Engage Skills together.

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