Target’s Marks & Spencer Food & Drink, Ranked By Festiveness


In the midst of adding your fave Target Black Friday deals to your cart each week, don’t forget to snag some presents, too. From musical gingerbread tins to pinecone-shaped truffles, the superstore’s new collab with U.K.-based brand Marks & Spencer is about to become your go-to for seasonal delights — and you don’t even have to leave the country. There’s plenty of desserts to choose from no matter the occasion, so if you’re ready to deck the halls with truffles, shortbread, and chocolates, here’s a festive ranking of Target’s Marks & Spencer holiday treats.

Anglophiles might know Marks & Spencer has been a British staple since 1884 — and it’s known for a high-quality selection of food, drinks, clothing, and more. Anyone whose seen Love Actually or The Holiday knows how magical the holidays in London can be, and now you can get a taste stateside (literally) of this U.K. brand that brings out all the stops for the season. Target’s Marks & Spencer collection, which launched on Nov. 16, features an assortment of goodies, like light-up tins of truffles, festively shaped chocolates, and so much more. With a box of chocolates made to look like shiny holiday ornaments, you might even be able to forgo hours of decorating — or, you just can munch on the chocolates while you put up your tree. The Marks & Spencer Target collection is available on the Target website for a limited time during the holiday season, and you’ll also be able to find it at most Target stores, too.

To help you get into the spirit, I ranked these items from the new Marks & Spencer Target collection from most to least festive, based on all their unique packaging. Get ready to pick the perfect gift for each of your besties — and yourself, of course.


Musical Gingerbread House Tin

Filled with buttery gingerbread people, the Gingerbread Musical House Tin features a wind-up mechanism that plays a Holiday tune.


Santa’s Workshop Light-Up Chocolate Box

The inside of the box features 20 chocolate elves and gingerbread men working away in Santa’s workshop under the glow of a light-up moon and to the sound of sleigh bells.


Biscuit Tin Featuring Percy Pig

This festive tin is made to look like Percy Pig’s snow-covered house, and comes with pink shortcake Jam and Creme Sandwich Cookies that feature a smiley face and a dollop of jam that looks like a nose.

This piggy bank gets in the holiday spirit with a picture of Percy Pig sending a letter to “Father Christmas,” and comes with its own Percy Pennies (aka fruit-flavored candies) inside.


Light-Up Tin With Chocolate Truffle Assortment

Make the season bright with this light-up tin filled with four kinds of milk and dark Swiss chocolate truffles — milk, dark, praline and orange.


Silver Light-Up Lantern With Shortbread

This whimsical silver light-up tin comes with three shortbread shapes: a star, a tree, and a snowflake.


Gold Light-Up Lantern With Luxury Gold Tea

This gold tin comes with luxury gold blend black tea bags, and lights up thanks to a wind-up mechanism.


Bronze Light-Up Lantern Tin With Hot Chocolate Mix

This bronze light-up tin doubles as a holder for your hot chocolate mix and the perfect decoration.


Sparkling Chocolate Caramels

Coming to stores on Dec. 7, these chocolates look almost too good to enjoy — but don’t worry, they’re not just decorative. The collection features milk and dark chocolates filled with three different types of liquid caramel — maple, salted and burnt sugar caramels — and each chocolate has a gold, silver, or purple shimmer coating that gives major ornament vibes.


Chocolate Pinecones With Salted Caramel Filling

This box comes with 16 milk chocolates filled with gooey salted caramel, all shaped like adorable festive pinecones. The Collection Salted Caramel Filled Chocolate Pinecones are available starting Dec. 7.


Scottish Shortbread Assortment Tin

Filled with buttery, sugar-dusted shortbread pieces, this tin features a stunning image of a stag caught in a snowy scene. It’s not exactly ~holiday~ themed, per se, but it works if you pretend it’s a reindeer.


Belgian Chocolate Cookies

The only thing better than Belgian chocolate is Belgian chocolate cookies. These biscuits come with two delicious cookie options — one with a hazelnut praline filling and topped with chopped hazelnuts, and one filled with salted caramel and finished with a dark chocolate drizzle.

The blue peacocks aren’t traditional holiday wrapping, but the gorgeous scene makes this one gift-worthy, for sure.


After Dinner Mint Chocolates

Cleanse your palate after your turkey dinner with this assortment of milk, dark, and white Belgian chocolates featuring a variety of mint filling. Again, not the most cheery wrapping, but it opens up to a table for easy serving, so this one gets bumped up a notch in the festive category.


London Bus Tin With Scottish Shortbread Biscuits

Packaged in a tin designed to look like a London bus, this Scottish Shortbread Biscuit Bus Tin comes with three kinds of shortbreads — all butter shortbread rounds, Belgian dark chocolate chunk shortbread or Belgian triple chocolate chunk shortbread.

The London bus design at least brings in the red color of the holiday, and you can never go wrong with serving up shortbreads on your holiday spread.

On their own, these Percy Pennies are the least festive of the bunch, but they’re a good option to have if you run out for your piggy bank. M&S is celebrating 30 years of Percy Pig in 2022, so you might even argue anything with the famous pig is holiday-worthy.

Whether you’re in the market for some sweet holiday gifts or you’re looking to fill your pantry with goodies for the season, this Marks & Spencer collection at Target has got you covered. All that’s left to do is perfect your English accent.


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