THC Detox Guide and Best Ways to Get Weed Out of System

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THC detox might be necessary to start a new job, go to school, appease disturbed family, or deal with legal issues. You might also want to detox quickly to avoid withdrawal symptoms and improve your health. Any kind of drug detox requires enough time for the toxin to leave your system. Eating well, exercising, and doing a detox cleanse will help your body stay healthy and clear toxins faster.

Many people need to detox quickly for a drug test. You can refuse to take a drug test, but that is suspicious. Such action may be evaluated same as testing positive.

Toxin Rid


85% of employers report that they occasionally drug test their employees. Drug tests check for recent use of cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates, and pot. Marijuana is the most commonly substance tested for. Opiates fall close behind. Methamphetamines are less common but are still tested for on a routine drug test.

Each year, about 200,000 employees in the United States test positive for THC. This number is expected to grow as marijuana laws continue to change. In 2021, 35% of employers said they planned to remove THC from their list of banned substances for employees. While many companies are becoming more marijuana-friendly, there are still a lot of companies that do not allow their workers to consume THC. That’s why it is crucial to choose the proper solution before starting THC detox.


Drug testing during probation started in the 1960s and continues to this day. During probation, an officer determines how often to test you. They usually use a combination of random and scheduled urine drug tests. History of multiple criminal charges or DUI charges make it more likely that you’ll be drug tested during probation.

Family court

Child custody and divorce cases sometimes require drug testing to make decisions about custody, child support payments, and alimony. A spouse can request that their ex-spouse be drug tested, but a judge has to grant this request. It is very common that if one spouse requests a drug test, both people will have a sample tested to keep things fair. If you fail a drug test during a custody disagreement, you have a chance of  giving full care rights to the other parent.

Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse by Detoxity

Types of Drug Tests

There are many types of tests that can be used. Knowing what type of test you’re facing will help you know how you can use an at home remedy to clear toxins from your body more quickly.


Urine test is the most commonly used test. Urine tests can be very accurate and the test results appear within 10 minutes of testing. 90% of employer tests are urine tests. THC can be detected in urine for up to 30 days in heavy users, but only for a few days if you are an occasional smoker. A urine test is done in a testing facility, and you may or may not be given privacy during the test. A test strip will test for the presence of drugs in your urine. The testing staff will also check the temperature, color, and electrolytes in your urine to find out whether the pee is fresh, real, and not too diluted.

Hair follicles

A hair test is the least commonly used test. It can detect long term marijuana use. Hair can test positive for THC for up to 90 days after your last use. Recent use, within 5-7 days, will not show up on a hair follicle test. Any type of body hair can be used for a hair test, so shaving your head is not an effective strategy for passing a hair follicle test. Moreover, it will look very suspicious to your employer, so we strongly recommend not to do it. Consider buying some hair detox shampoo, like Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid.


For the average user, the body cleans THC from the blood pretty quick. Your blood will hang on to THC for 3-4 hours before it is stored in fat cells or removed in the urine. Blood tests are more likely to be used for opiates and methamphetamines than for weed. And remember – Toxin Rid and Mega Clean are the most famous products of internal detox use.


You may be tested with a mouth swab test. These are used when someone wants to find out if you have consumed any drug or toxin within the last few hours. THC is detectable in saliva for 5-48 hours after last use. About 10% of employers report that they use saliva testing. If you are suspected of impaired driving, a police officer might use a mouth swab just on the side of the road.

Factors affecting your Marijuana detox

The best way to truly detox from marijuana is to stop using it and help your body with cleansing toxins out of your body. How long marijuana stays in your system depends on multiple factors;

  • Your weight
  • Your body fat percentage
  • The way you use to consume cannabis
  • How much you exercise
  • How much weed do you use
  • How long have you been using THC

Your body size and composition influence how quickly THC detoxification happens inside it. A large, muscular person with a fast metabolism will detox more quickly than a smaller person who uses the same amount of weed. On the other hand, THC is stored in body fat. A person with a high body fat percentage will test positive for several days longer than someone with a low one. Exercising and drinking more water can help your body burn cannabis metabolites more quickly.

If you consume cannabis edibles, the THC tends to hang around in your system longer than if you smoke weed. The more you use any drug, the longer it will stay in your system. The same is true for the amount of time you have been using THC. Long term daily cannabis consumption can be detected for up to 60 days after quitting marijuana.

Average time it takes for THC to clear from your system

Average time it takes for THC to clear from your system

While it’s interesting to know about how long it takes for your body to finish detoxing naturally, you might also want to know how to get weed out of your system fast.

How to detox from weed depends on how much time you have before your test, your budget, and your frequency of marijuana use. If you are a long-term heavy user, you’ll need more help and time to flush your system. If you had just one edible, a one or two day detox should be fine.

Exercising and drinking water are free strategies to detox. Detox kits, pills, shampoos, and drinks can be expensive, but failing a drug test can cost your job or worse. Many online user reviews show that detox products for passing urine drug test are very effective. These remedies can help give your body extra help to detox quickly. Don’t think that they will make a miracle happen – but they really work, and there are thousands of reviews to prove it.

Toxin Rid

Best way to detox your body from THC

The best way to flush marijuana out of your system is to help your body do it naturally. Your liver is capable of completely eliminating all THC metabolites from your system, but it needs time. The liver gets rid of THC the same way it gets rid of other toxins. It breaks the substance down into metabolites, and then you excrete them through your urine or excrements. But you can help your body to do this faster by using a few different strategies:

  • Weed detox drinks, pills, and Marijuana Detox Kits
  • Exercise
  • Avoid high fat foods
  • Avoid drugs that interfere with metabolism

Weed Detox pills and drinks

Mairjuana detox supplements like Toxin Rid can help speed up your metabolism. The ingredients of those pills help your system to clear, and at the same time the pills contain important nutrients to boost your metabolism.

Drinking more fluid also lowers the concentration of toxins in your urine. Drinking a lot of liquids is similar to adding more and more water to a powdered drink mix. The more water you add, the less you can taste the powdered drink flavor.

Exercise to get weed out of system

Since exercise speeds your metabolism, it may help clear medications or drugs from your system. A very small amount of THC is excreted through sweat. In addition, THC is stored in fat cells. When you exercise, those fat cells are broken down which can release the stored THC into your blood. This gets the toxins to your liver and kidneys which metabolize the drug.

This release of THC into the bloodstream can even be strong enough for people to feel high each time they exercise for a few days after smoking or eating an edible. Because of this, it is best to exercise as much as you can until 24 hours before a drug test. Around 24 hours before you test, it’s time to rest. Exercise right before a drug screen can make it more likely that you will test positive. However, it may be a win-strategy, take care about timing to avoid defeat.

Body fat

If you have fewer fat cells, there are less space for the THC molecules to stay stored in your body. People with low body fat will test negative the fastest.

Some medications impact how fast or slow THC is metabolized by the liver. Some antibiotics like ketoconazole can double the concentration of cannabidiols in your system. Other drugs that can increase THC levels include:

  • Verapamil
  • Fluoxetine
  • Amiodarone
  • Cotrimoxazole
  • Erythromycin
  • Azithromycin
  • Clarithromycin

It can be very dangerous to stop taking some of these medicines if they are prescribed to you. Make sure you talk to your doctor about changing or stopping medications. Be careful if you are prescribed one of these remedies and use THC products. Since some components can increase the concentration of THC in your system, they’ll also increase the effects. You may want to lower your intake of weed while on these medications.

There are several supplements and foods that can also increase THC levels in the body. On the other hand, some products and medications might increase the metabolism of weed. For example, an antibiotic used to treat tuberculosis can increase metabolism and excretion of THC from the body. Some sources even claim, that prominent eating of pastry with poppy seeds can also make it.

Why THC detox may be the best option

Increasing your metabolism is the best way to get THC out of your body. Detoxifying kits and THC removal products camouflage THC that is in your system. They use chemicals or dilution to hide the drug from the test. They also help speed up your THC cleanse.

There are many helpful ideas on the internet about how to get pot out of your system. For a weed cleanse to be effective you need to make sure to use safe products and give yourself enough time for them to work. If you plan to start looking for a new job or hope to apply for a promotion, start your detox as early as you can. Stop ingesting toxins immediately if you are in legal trouble or starting a divorce or custody battle. Even just a few days of cleansing your system can be very important.


The fastest way to clean out your system for a drug test is to start a detox right away. Stop using any toxins and start drinking healthy fluids with electrolytes. There are many cleansers on the market available for urine, saliva, and hair drug tests. These products mask the THC and flush your system. For example, you can use mouthwash immediately before a saliva test. This will increase the amount of saliva and fluid in your mouth and decrease the concentration of toxins. Detox drinks are good for getting you ready for a urine test while special shampoos can help you pass a hair follicle test.

Myths about THC cleansing

Some people think that sitting in a sauna can clean your system for a drug test . Sitting in a sauna or taking a hot shower have no impact on levels of THC in your body.

Many people try to eat or drink baking soda in an attempt to detox from THC quickly. That is not just ineffective, but dangerous. One report from poison control service describes a man who suffered a gastric perforation after ingesting baking soda in an attempt to pass a drug test.

If you have a hair follicle test coming up, you might try to dye or bleach your hair to remove the THC metabolites. Unfortunately, this strategy isn’t very effective. While bleach can rid some toxins of your hair, it is only effective if you bleach your hair many times. To really remove metabolites, you would need to abstain from any drugs while repeatedly bleaching your hair.

It is also a myth that detox drinks can be detected by a drug test. Detox drinks are full of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. There is nothing in a detox drink that would be flagged on a drug test. Besides being used to detox for drug testing, detox drinks are used for general health and wellness and you can’t get in trouble for using them.

Best detox drinks and pills for weed

A quick internet search shows that the best way to detox your body from THC is to use a detox drink like Stinger. There are hundreds of Reddit and Amazon users who have succeeded in using detox products to clean their body faster. These detox drinks can be purchased online and some promise to cleanse your system within 24 hours. They range in price from $20 to $200.

A detox cleanse for drug test usually includes the drink you purchase with specific instructions about how much fluid to drink and what kinds of food to eat. These cleanses work similarly to weight loss cleanses: hydrating the body, replacing nutrients, and providing a lot of fiber to help you to defecate.

Toxin Rid

Toxin Rid

Testclear is a company that made famous Toxin Rid pills. They can help you pass a urine test as well as shampoos to clean your hair before a hair follicle test. Their products are safe, good tasting, and effective.

Toxin Rid pills have several cleansing options available. The 1-day detox is made to clear light toxins from your body in 24 hours and sells for $59. The 10-day detox kit is effective for heavier users, meaning people who use cannabis products daily.

There are over 1500 reviews on the manufacturers’ website with a 4.5/5 star rating. Most of the reviews state that the product was well worth the money spent and that Toxin Rid helped customers pass their test. Most people who reviewed Toxin Rid stated that they were daily users and were able to detox in just a few days.

Toxin Rid requires that you follow specific instructions about how you take the pills and drink the liquids. They also have specific instructions about when to eat and what to eat over the ten days of the cleanse. Many people state that in addition to clearing toxins, they feel better and some lose weight at the end of their cleanse. You can also purchase an experimentation kit from their website to ease your mind before the test. It is recommended that you test before you start the cleanse, halfway through, and at the end so you can track the results. It is helpful to know when you stop testing positive for any toxins.


  • Effective for THC detox
  • Safe for your body
  • Good taste
  • Natural ingredients


  • Needs 10 days for best results
  • The most expensive detox kit

Mega Clean

Mega Clean has over 5,000 reviews with a good rating on Amazon. Mega Clean can eliminate toxins from your body within 48 hours. Mega Clean is a special blend of stinging nettle leaf, taurine, uva ursi leaf, burdock root, American ginseng, guarana seed, and milk thistle seed. These different extracts work on any type of toxin in your body and are completely safe. Mega Clean recommends that you abstain from any toxin for at least 48 hours while using their product, and ideally for three days before starting your cleanse.

Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse by Detoxity

The product instructions state that your body will be in the optimal state of detoxification when you are urinating 3 times every hour. There are no listed side effects or safety concerns with short term use of Mega Clean. Some users report a little bit of constipation with their first cleanse. Using the product too often may cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Make sure you follow the manufacturer instructions for best results.

You can purchase Mega Clean detox drinks starting at just $24 from their website. Their 10-day kit sells for about $120 plus shipping. Mega Clean recommends a monthly detox with their product to maintain a healthy digestive tract and to remove high levels of toxins from your body.

Mega Clean offers a satisfaction-guarantee that using their product will help you live a healthier lifestyle and feel better. If you purchase directly through their website, you can file a claim and they will send you a different type of Mega Clean cleansing product to try for free.


  • Specific instructions
  • Inexpensive options
  • Effective
  • Great taste
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • May cause constipation
  • Should only be used once a month at the most

Rescue Cleanse review

Rescue Cleanse is a 32 ounce drink that promises to clear toxins from your body within 24 hours. For best results, their website states that you’ll need to avoid any herbal toxins for at least 48 hours in addition to using their product. For frequent herbal toxin users, the recommended detox time is 14 days. The instructions state that you should drink the product at least one hour before your screening, and that the effect lasts for up to 5 hours.

Rescue Cleanse has many positive user reviews on their website. Hundreds of people have used it with good results. Rescue Cleanse costs $55 for the 24 hour cleanse. You can also purchase an inexpensive THC panel test or a 5 panel test from their website for peace of mind.


  • 24 hour detox option
  • Fast results
  • Good flavor


  • Short time window for best results
  • Requires drinking a lot of fluid quickly


Most detox drinks work by giving your body hydration and replacing electrolytes you need. The pills also contain a special blend of herbs to boost your metabolism and change some of the chemistry in your urine. Toxin Rid, Mega Clean, and Rescue Cleanse are all safe and effective products that may help you get the results you want.

Less than 24 hour Marijuana cleanse

You usually don’t have a lot of warning before a drug test. This leaves you to search for ways to clean out your system in 24 hours. Detox drinks can help clear your system and reduce the presence of THC metabolites in your urine. For light to moderate users, 24 hours is enough time for a detox drink to work.

If you are a heavy user, 24 hours might not be enough. So what to do in this case? Synthetic urine products have been effective for many users in these situations. However, some urine tests are “observed” urine tests. This means that you will not be alone in the bathroom when you provide your sample. Make sure you know if you will be alone during your screening test. Synthetic urine is almost identical to real urine, but it does carry some risk.

Testclear Powdered Human Urine

Powdered Urine

Powdered Urine is 100% guaranteed to be drug free. The chemicals in Powdered Urine are almost identical to real urine. The color and smell are also indistinguishable from real urine. Powdered Urine has to be mixed with water and kept warm. You can purchase heaters that will keep the urine at body temperature for up to 6 hours. Powdered Urine costs $54 for a single use packet.


  • Guaranteed to be drug free
  • Indistinguishable from real urine
  • Price is affordable


  • Must be mixed with the correct amount of warm water
  • Can’t be used for observed tests

Quick Fix synthetic urine

Synthetic urine has many ingredients already contained in real urine. Synthetic urine was originally created to calibrate laboratory testing equipment, so the testing equipment cannot tell the difference between synthetic and real urine. Quick Fix synthetic urine comes ready to go, so no mixing is required. The only thing you have to do is keep it at the correct temperature. 3 oz of Quick Fix urine costs $39.95 and comes with a disposable heating pack.


  • Guaranteed to be drug-free
  • Undetectable by testing equipment
  • Well-known brand


  • Difficult to conceal under clothing

Quick Fix

Home weed detox kit to get THC  out of system

If you do not have time to wait for a detox kit to be shipped to you, you can try to make a THC detox kit  at home. There are some safe ingredients you can try at home to help you detox a few days sooner:

  • Water
  • Creatinine
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Vitamin C
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Zinc

These products combined can help your body clear toxins faster. The longer you can abstain from ingesting any type of toxin, the better. Hydration dilutes the sample, making the drug harder to detect in your urine. Having too diluted urine can make your test result “inconclusive” and either force you to retest or count as a failing test. Creatine helps overcome this problem of urine being too diluted.

Creatine increases the specific gravity of urine and can bring a watered-down sample closer to normal levels. Both vitamin b-12 and vitamin c can change the color of your urine. Because dilute urine gets more clear, it is very obvious if you are overhydrated. Adding vitamin B and C makes your urine more yellow. Zinc may interfere with the test strips used to test your urine. This may only work on older drug tests. Newer drug testing strips are not as easily thrown off by zinc supplements. Cranberry juice is a diuretic. It can make you pee more and the ratio of urine to THC will be lower.

Making your own detox drinks for weed is a quick option to try if you already have the ingredients. Purchasing a detox drink might be cheaper and faster than searching for products that you don’t already have at home.

Risks and side effects

Some thc cleanse strategies like diluting urine or saliva may result in an “inconclusive test”. For most legal purposes, an inconclusive test is treated the same as a positive test. Some employers may let you repeat the test, but probation officers and judges deciding on custody cases will not be as lenient.

Detox kits can also cause digestive problems. Many detox drinks and pills contain high amounts of fiber. This can cause constipation or diarrhea later on. Be careful when using fiber supplements. But if you follow the instructions carefully and use the detox product as directed, all should be good.

Using synthetic or powdered urine is risky. Getting caught using synthetic or borrowed urine for a drug test can result in jail time and fines. In fact, 18 states have banned the sale of synthetic urine for any reason. It is illegal to purchase or possess synthetic urine in:

illegal to purchase or possess synthetic urine
Final recommendation

Urine testing is the most common test for THC. These tests do have about a 4% false positive rate. If you test positive, it is not unreasonable to ask for a second test. If you are a frequent user of any type of drug, you’ll want to use one of the 10-day detox products to help clean out your system. Besides cleaning out your system faster, using a detox kit might help you avoid withdrawal symptoms while your body metabolizes the drug.

Detox kits for urine, hair, and saliva drug tests are completely safe. The ingredients in these products can help boost your metabolism and clear your body of toxins. A monthly detox can help improve your health and wellness in addition to keeping the toxins in your body low.

Many states and employers are becoming more friendly towards THC products. If you live in a state that allows medical marijuana, talk to your healthcare provider about a medical marijuana card. This can help use the THC product that helps you without facing legal problems or work problems. Keep yourself and others safe and out of trouble by avoiding driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence.

Alternatively, try to find a company or job that does not test for drugs. Work from home jobs are likely to be more flexible. Small companies are less likely to test for toxins. Some big companies even allow marijuana use while you are at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lab Tests Detect Marijuana Detox Products?

A lab test cannot tell whether you have used a THC detox product like Toxin Rid. A urine test looks for drugs and some of the chemicals in urine to make sure the urine is real. Since most detox drinks and products work by giving your body natural herbs and keeping it well-hydrated, there is nothing in the product that will be seen on a drug test.

Do I Need To Detox If I’m Infrequent User Or Took An Edible?

If you ate an edible a few days or weeks ago and now have to take a drug test, try not to worry. Your body can easily cleanse itself of small amounts of THC within a few hours to a few days. If you only take a small amount of THC and have a few days to prepare, a detox kit can help you be ready fast.

Do THC Detox Kits Work For Hair Tests?

There are many detox kits on the market for hair follicle tests. These tests look for long term use of drugs, and toxins can remain in the hair follicle for weeks to months. Detox kits for hair do not strip the THC out of the hair, but they do cover it up. Most hair detox kits coat your hair with an oil designed to throw off the testing equipment. Many people have used these hair kits with success.

What happens if my test is “inconclusive”?

Many places treat an inconclusive test the same as a positive test. Especially for probation, DUI, or other legal matters. Some employers will let you repeat a non-conclusive test. This will give your body a few extra days to clear your system of marijuana and test negative the next time. If you get an inconclusive test, you can repeat your detox and increase your chances of passing the second time.

Will my employer report me to the police if I test positive?

If you have a positive drug test on a pre-employment screening, you will not be hired for the job, but the employer is unlikely to call the police and turn you in. If you are tested because of a workplace accident, you might lose your job, but it is unlikely that you will be reported to the police. Many companies are willing to continue your employment with them if you sign up for a rehab program and agree to continuous testing.

What if I have a medical marijuana card?

Having a medical marijuana card is not a free pass to use THC and test positive any time you want. However, rules and laws are gray in this area. Many employers are changing their drug testing policies to exclude THC. If a police officer feels that you are under the influence while driving, a positive test will be treated the same whether you have a medical marijuana card or not. While employers have to follow some policies to allow their employees to use medical marijuana, you can still be fired for smoking weed or consuming edibles on the job.

What happens in states where recreational THC is legal?

Recreational THC is treated similarly to alcohol. What you do on your own time is up to you, but use on the job or on the road is unacceptable. Many chain stores like Target and Walmart still have zero-drug use policies in place. This means that if you test positive for THC on your pre-hire test, you will not be hired by the company. So consider ordering a detox drink before the test. Toxin Rid is a nice and not very expensive option.



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