The 15 Best Wines To Bring To Thanksgiving


If you’re heading to a family gathering (even if it’s just your parent’s house), your in-law’s, or your bestie’s for Friendsgiving, it’s always polite to bring a bottle of wine for the host.

From sparkling wines for morning mimosas to your traditional reds and whites that pair perfectly with turkey, here are 15 wines to bring to Thanksgiving this year.

Sparkling Wines

The best part about sparkling wines is that they go with so many different foods. From mimosas at breakfast to a glass of champagne at dessert, you’ll be drinking these throughout the day.

La Marca Prosecco, $13


A classic prosecco is not only great for morning mimosas but tastes good alongside everything on the Thanksgiving menu. It has the perfect amount of bubbles, and the crisp fruity-floral is a crowd-pleaser, making this a must-have on your shopping list. 

Korbel Brut Champagne, $12

korbel brut

This medium-dry brut champagne is good with mimosas and dinner. It’s not as bubbly as prosecco, meaning it’s better for fans of white wines like chardonnay, and tastes a little fancier. It’s a great affordable champagne option for any occasion, and it’s delicious with turkey.

Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne, $42

moet chandon

Though this champagne is on the pricier side (it’s not a $250 bottle of Dom Perignon, but it’s still French), it’s a classic for a reason. It’s fruity and bubbly and truly tastes luxurious. It’s ideal for dinner and dessert, and worth the price tag for Thanksgiving.

Angels and Cowboys Brut Rose Champagne, $26

rose champange

This fruity rose champagne is not only terrific for dinner and dessert, but it’s also great for lovers of red, white, and sparkling wine. It has the perfect amount of bubbles, and we can’t get over the pretty pink rose color of this delicious drink.

Chandon Brut Rose, $24

chandon rose

Since this is more on the sweet side, it’s probably best reserved for dessert, but the combination of fruity flavors and bubbles makes it worth the wait. You can also drink it if you have a charcuterie board for appetizers.

White Wine

From buttery chardonnays to fruity pinot grigios, there’s a white wine for everything on the Thanksgiving menu.

Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio, $9


Though this bottle of pinot grigio is affordable, it tastes as luxurious as the most expensive wine on the shelf. The light and fruity flavors go with everything from appetizers to dinner and dessert, proving that you don’t need to overspend for a crowd-pleasing wine.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, $12

kim crawford

This fresh and fruity wine is perfect for a hot day (chilled, of course), but that doesn’t mean it’s not compatible with Thanksgiving dinner. It’s also a great wine to convert a red wine lover into a white wine lover, making it an excellent conversation starter.

Josh Cellars Chardonnay, $10

josh cellars

This delightfully citrusy yet oaky chardonnay is wonderful for fall, making it the perfect Thanksgiving wine. Pair it with anything from dinner to appetizers, and this simple wine will easily become a family favorite. It’s also not too sweet, making it great for those who don’t like sweet wines.

Keuka Spring Vineyards Semi-Sweet Riesling, $18

keuka springs

Out of all of the white wines on this list, this one is probably the best paired with turkey. Its semi-sweet flavor might not be for everyone, but it’s light and fruity enough for those who don’t prefer sweet wines.

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, $18

santa margherita

This wine is perfect for drinking alongside the cheeses in your charcuterie board and with turkey. A word of advice though: it’s so delicious that you’ll have to pace yourself so you don’t overindulge before dinner. This is truly one of the best white wines on this list. 

Red Wines

We all know that red wine goes well with turkey, but these bottles will take your gift for the hostess to the next level.

Four Graces Pinot Noir, $23

four graces

Pinot noir is the ideal wine for fall because of its fruity and spicy notes, making it the perfect Thanksgiving wine. This pairs well with turkey at dinner and the spice in a pumpkin pie for dessert, so you might want to stock up on a couple of bottles.

Cooper’s Hawk Grateful Red Blend, $22

grateful red blend

The best part about this wine is that it’s literally made for Thanksgiving. This red blend (that has strong pinot noir vibes) and notes of cranberry make it perfect for cranberry sauce lovers. It’s also fruity enough for white wine lovers, making this ideal for any Thanksgiving table.

Apothic Red Blend, $9

apothic red

This red blend is an excellent balance of classic reds like pinot noir, zinfandel, and sirah. With rich and fruity flavors (and a low price tag), this is great for every red wine lover at your Thanksgiving table and will hold up through both dinner and dessert.

Justin Cabernet Sauvignon, $20

justin cab

This dry and full-bodied cabernet sauvignon is a wonderful red all year round, but it’s even better on Thanksgiving. Its rich, fruity, and spicy flavors pair well with everything on the menu, making this one of the most versatile wines for Thanksgiving.

Robert Mondavi Merlot, $8

robert mondavi

With sweet notes of berries and dark chocolate and a hint of spice, this wine is an explosion of flavors on your taste buds. This wine pairs well with everything from turkey to sweet potatoes to apple pie, making it a great addition to your Thanksgiving wine menu.

Closing Thoughts

From the bubbly prosecco lover to the driest of red wine lovers, there’s a wine for everyone this Thanksgiving. Bring any of these wines as a gift to your gracious host this year, and we promise you that they’ll be a hit.

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