Vasant Kashmiri Rangat – Newly launched chilies for true taste and natural color


Vasant Kashmiri Rangat – Red Chili Powder is made from scientifically selected red chilies from the finest farms of Karnataka. After being procured from the farm, they are processed in a clean production center and packed in hygienic packing, which retains their fresh taste. Vasant Kashmiri Rangat has a unique taste and gives a distinctive aroma to the food with a mildly spicy yet natural sweet taste. Its natural red color gives a wonderful look and freshness to the food.The chili also provides with rich nutrients.

According to Mr. Chandrakant Bhandari, MD, Vasant Masala, “For making Vasant Kashmiri Rangat Chili powder, we choose the best natural products. Like our other products, it is pure and unadulterated. We are confident that Vasant Kashmiri Rangat Chili Powder will bring freshness to the cuisines of kitchens across India & internationally.” Speaking at the product launch, Mr. Bhandari mentioned some of the interesting health benefits of Kashmiri chilies due to their low pungency. Acidity is a common problem in today’s lifestyle. Acidity is usually caused by spicy food. However, Vasant Kashmiri Rangat Chili Powder is less pungent; therefore it can reduce the chances of acidity. It is a known fact that chilies contain beneficial capsaicin and Vitamins A, C & K. Vasant Kashmiri Rangat Chili Powder is available at affordable prices and in the packs of 1 kg, 500g, and 200g.

Vasant Kashmiri Rangat Chili Powder is marketed through a strong distribution network of 200+ distributors and 40,000 retailers across Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. Vasant Masala is planning to launch new varieties of branded spices and expand into new categories in the coming days, with increased production capacity and modern facilities.

About Vasant Masala:

The journey of Vasant Masala started in 1970 when Shri Bapulalji Bhandari started Vasant Gruh Udhyog in Jhalod, a small village in Gujarat. And now for the last 5 decades, millions of families in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and some other regions of the country as well as abroad are happily using Vasant Masala products. Their main products include basic spices, mixed spices, whole spices, powdered spices, and asafoetida. Vasant Masala is also exported to countries like the UK, Australia, the USA, and Africa where it is rapidly gaining popularity due to its unmatched quality.


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