Walmart now sells pink sauce, the viral TikTok condiment


Remember that pink sauce that went viral on TikTok last summer? Now you can buy it at Walmart.

TikTok creator Chef Pii first unveiled the Pepto Bismol-colored dipping sauce on the social media network last June. As interest bubbled up, sales grew and so did some criticism.

Consumers had questions about information on the nutritional label – number of servings and whether milk was an ingredient – and the price ($20 at the time). So, Chef Pii paused production and reached a deal with Dave’s Gourmet, which makes hot sauces and pasta sauces. Walmart will be the exclusive retailer for Pink Sauce until July 2023.

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TikTok creator Chef Pii has some of her Pink Sauce. The condiment is now produced by Dave's Gourmet and available at Walmart.

What is pink sauce?

It’s a bright bubble gum-hued condiment that can be used on many foods. Chef Pii posted videos on TikTok last summer dousing all kinds of dishes with the sauce including chicken, tacos, gyros and more. Then, the sauce went viral on Twitter and Instagram, too. The Miami-based private chef’s real name is Veronica Shaw, according to the Los Angeles Times. (Her nickname as a kid was “Pink,” so she shortened that to “Pii” for her social media moniker.)


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